with a wide range of profiles and sizes for waste water disposal and other industrial applications


Production of GRP pipes in Hungary began in the second half of the 1970’s. According to the experiences of production, reconstruction and operation of pipelines in the past three decades the products known under the trade name Budaplast play a determining roll in the construction and reconstruction of public pipelines.

The plant of Budaplast Kft. in Rózsaszentmárton owned by Bonex Építőipari Kft. produces a wide range of GRP products, i.e. various pipes, fittings, tanks, shafts and other types of products. The most current product is the egg-shaped GRP pipe, which is the most important material of the reconstruction of united sewer systems in cities.


The pipes which are of lightweight and have excellent mechanic characteristics and corrosion resistance, are mainly applied for the so-called trenchless (NO-DIG) reconstruction of sewers, using a quick reconstruction method which barely disturbs continuous waste water diversion and the traffic.

Besides the NO-DIG pipelining method using pipe insertion one by one, the various GRP pipes and fittings are suitable also for the reconstruction or construction of public pipelines by traditional technologies using open trenches.


Besides the diversion of municipal waste water the renconstruction of industrial and technological pipelines mean very important fields of application as well.