Beside special products manufactured according to individual requirements, standard egg-shaped pipes are a significant part of Budaplast’s product range. Generally the pipes are 2.3 or 3.0 m long, in case of individual requirements they can be produced with a pipe length of up to 6 meters.


The filament winding procedure allows of the production of unique sizes and profiles fitting into a circle shape of max. 3.0 meters.
Standard sizes of egg-shaped pipes
Standard sizes of egg-shaped rajzpipes
Pipe sizes of long drawn egg-shapes


Sizes of circular pipes


The wall thicknesses belonging to the different nominal pipe sizes, the wall structure and the pipe stiffness category will be determined by the manufacturer according to the circumstances of installation and the requirements of the client.


In order to guarantee a quick installation and precise connection the manufacturer offers for the pipes of various proFIles additional elements in a FLexible delivery program. These elements make up together with the bends, branches, saddle pieces and shafts a complete system.


The bends will be laminated by pipe segments with an angular displacement determined by the client.

Typical branch with various angles



Typical branch


Main pipelines and connections of large diameters will be directly connected by individually manufactured branch fittings. When required, the GRP branches can be produced with socket connection which is suitable for PVC pipes to be jointed.



GRP plate with PVC sockets of DN 160 and DN 200


In case of pipelining and later connections saddle pieces guarantee an accurate connection between the main pipeline of GRP and the PVC connection pipe. The saddle pieces will be installed at the site by using adhesives and local lamination.



Individually produced GRP shaft elements are suitable for the reconstruction of existing shafts as well for the construction of new shafts. Structurally they can be selfcarrying or GRP shell platings reinforced by circular concreting or grouting. Budaplast shaft elements are of individual character, thanks to their size and technical parameters they are able to comply totally with the local circumstances.